Qualified advisory services about mediation

The Mediation Institute offers advisory services about the use of mediation in legal disputes, including contracts, employment, landlord-tenant disputes and disputes between companies and more.

Tailored courses about mediation

Be better prepared for negotiation situations, handling customer complaints or general conflict handling. The Mediation Institute tailors courses and develops educational processes for companies, industry organizations, institutions, etc.

Courses that match corporate needs

The Mediation Institute also holds subject-specific courses in mediation aimed at attorneys.

We tailor the courses so they match your organization’s needs with a focus on the various aspects of mediation, for example the role of the parties’ representatives in the mediation process.


Would you like to know more about mediation? Consider The Mediation Institute’s end-of-day meetings. Here you’ll learn more about the various aspects of mediation technique, conflict resolution and be presented with new knowledge and inspiration.

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The Mediation Institute offers lectures cantered around mediation. We can either tailor the event to your company or organization’s needs, for example focusing on specific aspects of mediation, or arrange a more general lecture on mediation

We will also gladly book leading experts for further inspiration.

Ordering and further information

Contact us by telephone: +45 3939 0066 or by e-mail: pdm@mediationsinstituttet.dk

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