What is mediation?

Mediation is a quick and direct way to solve conflicts.  Whether it’s one or two or several parties, the conflict can be solved via dialogue, where the goal is to reach a solution with which all parties can be satisfied, regardless of how emotion-laden the case may be.


How mediation takes place

An impartial mediator attorney helps the parties to describe the problem, discuss individual requirements for a solution, and then come up with another of suggestions for solutions. Mediation is particularly popular among internationally oriented companies and as a quick way to address child custody cases.

How long does mediation take?

A case involving a business dispute can usually be solved with one or two meetings, depending on the extent of the case. A family legal conflict will typically involve several shorter meetings. The Mediation Institute also offers a special express handling, which can insure that mediation will be underway within 48 hours and complete within 7 days

Can mediation be used in my case?

Mediation can be used in a wide variety of personal and business-related cases, including divorces, child custody, inheritances, neighbour disputes, contracts, compensation cases and more. See examples of how mediation can be used in our cases section

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