Divorced parents chose mediation

CHILD CUSTODY – Two divorced parents received joint custody of their child. The child’s legal address was at his mother’s house.


The father had the child every other weekend and wanted more time with the child, but the mother did not agree.

The child was about to begin school, and the parents could not agree on which school he should attend. In general, it was difficult for them to communicate about the conditions surrounding the child.

The mother had filed the case to eliminate shared custody so she could make decisions alone.

Shortly before the case went to court, the parties agreed to private mediation, and after two 3-hour mediation sessions they reached an agreement to continue shared custody.

They also agreed to decide together which school the child would attend. The father’s desire for more time together with the child was made part of the new agreement, and the two parents agreed on how they should communicate in the future. Finally, the parents agreed that if they were to disagree in the future, they would use mediation to solve the dispute.

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