16 page complaint, 35 appendixes and comprehensive defence motions settled through mediaton

IT – A semi-public company sued two suppliers of IT services, demanding that they together pay DKr 9 million.


The amount was equal to the loss the company suffered when the two suppliers failed to abide by a quote they had given for the delivery of an IT solution in compliance with detailed tender documents.

The suit included 16 pages with 35 appendixes and comprehensive defence motions with a large number of documents.

With both parties’ permission, the case was sent to mediation.  Two mediator attorneys took part in the case, along with 3 attorneys representing the parties and a further 8-9 persons, including decision makers from each of the 3 parties.

During the mediation a positive atmosphere was quickly established, and all 3 parties had the opportunity to discuss in detail their perception on how the process unspooled.  In particular, a number of non-legal arguments were presented.

After four hours’ negotiations with a very positive spirit, the parties were able to reach agreement on a plan in which one of the companies paid 1/3 of the amount requested, while the other agreed to deliver a number of free consulting hours.

For the latter party, it was of critical importance to show the claimant that the company was a serious consulting house that could deliver a good product. The claimant demonstrated through the settlement that it continued to have full confidence in the consulting company.

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