From DKr 0 to DKr 50.000 in two meetings

FEES – An architect sued a building contractor for DKr 50,000 for work he’d done on drawings.  The contractor refused to pay.


The drawings were fine, but the building could not be constructed within the financial limits set by the contractor.

Both parties were represented by attornesy, but they agreed to go alone to meet with the mediator.

During the mediation the architect suddenly said. ”I’m leaving. You can pay me 0 kroner or whatever amount you choose. I can earn more money by working at my job.”

The mediator asked the architect to stay a bit longer, and the parties worked on the more emotional aspects of the dispute. Afterwards, the contractor asked for a separate meeting with the mediator.

The two contractors – a husband and wife – discussed the case. Their attorney had told them that they had a relatively good case. The mediator said that if they had no interest in the architect’s work, they could offer 0 kroner and hire another architect.  But they wanted to use the architect in question, whom they felt was very talented.

The mediator convinced them to outline their needs and asked them to discuss the question between the two of them. After their discussion, they decide that they would like to offer to pay the full amount – with interest.

They explained that they now understood that full payment was actually a fair price for the extent of the work, and that they would like to be able to work with the architect in the future. In the meantime, their house has risen in value, and they can now finance the more expensive building project.

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