Incorrect eyewash lead to extended sickness and pain

COMPENSATION – A woman lost an eye and received an eye implant that her body was very slow to accept. When her health had improved somewhat, she decided to travel, which she had not been able to do before.


She consulted an optician and said she needed eyewash to clean the artificial eye with while she was travelling. During the trip she used the eyewash, but the condition in her eye became significantly worse, and when she came home, she was close to losing her artificial eye. She was ill for a long period before the condition in her eye became stable.

The woman sued the optician for having sold her a preparation that was not suitable for dripping directly in her eye, which she had disclosed at the time of purchase.

During the mediation it became clear that the woman’s primary wish was to receive acknowledgement for the pain and suffering she went through and receive an apology from the optician.

The counterparty accepted this.  At the same time, a small payment of symbolic significance was agreed upon.

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