5 years of conflict, 8 legal pleas and 100 case files solved after 3 hours mediation

SHIPPING – Two Danish shipping companies had disagreed for more than 5 years about the billing of the freight costs for some goods one company had transported for the other.


The case had been pending for more than three years in the Maritime and Commercial Court, which had accepted 7-8 legal pleas from each party, and the total number of appendixes was reaching 100.

They disagreed about how the cargo should be calculated, how many goods had come on-board the ship versus how many had been left in the port, which freight was billable and whether or not the transport customer had a counterclaim related to the goods left in port.

After 3 hours mediation they reached agreement about the freight costs and the transport customer let its counterclaim drop.

The two parties, who had not worked together since the incident more than 5 years before, agreed to resume their co-operation.

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