Mediation healed hurt feelings and ensured continued co-operation

EMPLOYMENT – A disagreement between a store manager and a storeowner ended with a demand for the end of the employment contract and economic compensation. At the root of the conflict were misunderstandings and hurt feelings.


On behalf of the store manager, the union had demanded an end to the employment contract due to breach of contract by the employer.

For a couple of years, the store manager had been employed as the manager of a seasonal shop owned by Danes who lived abroad.  Over the years there had been negotiations about the store manager taking over the shop, but the negotiations did not lead to a resolution.

The store manager became sick shortly after the summer season had started. This happened at the same time that the storeowner had come to Denmark to take part in the funeral and burial of a close family member. The storeowner was force to watch the shop, which meant he could not participate in the funeral.

The shop had trouble paying its bills. In order to buy time the storeowner told the main supplier that there were problems related to the store manager’s illness, which was described in detail.

The store manager found the discussion of her personal situation to a supplier so offensive that her union sought the termination of the employment agreement and demanded compensation.

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