3 1/2 year lawsuit ends after 3 hour mediation

ENTREPRISE – A tradesman gave an estimate on the conversion of an attic into two rooms, including the construction of a wall, isolation, and installation of windows. The homeowner was supposed to carry out a great deal of the work in connection with the completion of the conversion.


After the work was in progress, it became clear that the floors in the attic were not solid, and it was necessary to strengthen them before the rooms could be used for habitation.

This was not part of the estimate, but the owner of the home blamed the tradesman for failing to inform him before the work got underway that the rooms could not be used before the floors were strengthened.

Work stopped, and a lawsuit began.  The lawsuit had been underway for 3½ years before the parties took the case to mediation.

During a 3 hour meeting, it was agreed that the tradesman would receive his balance due, that the parties would agree on a fixed price for the strengthening of the floor, that the tradesman was guaranteed payment for the new task. Specific deadlines were agreed upon for when each party should finish his part of the job, including the owner’s own tasks.

The homeowner was now very satisfied and looking forward to having the rooms finished for his children.

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